Scunthorpe Dance Festival 2023


Images from this year’s festival are now available to view and purchase through the Client Area using the access codes notified within the programme and also dotted around the venue..

If you failed to note the access code details then email me with the name of performer and their dance school, and once I’ve confirmed these I will send you the access code.

Season Project

I’ve been fortunate to have secured a project to photograph and supply a number of images of Beacon Academy, Cleethorpes, to be taken throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons.

This is one of the images, shot in Autumn, and finalised as a 2m x 1m Acrylic (hence the slight reflection) which has just been installed within their reception area.

Shimoda Action X50 Review

Having been on the lookout for well over a year for a new camera backpack, I’ve finally settled on the Shimoda Action X50, which I’ve now been using for a couple of months. And whilst these bags are good, they’re by no means perfect. Some might even say they look a little ugly, and they’re certainly not cheap!

Unfortunately, due to the various Covid restrictions, I’ve not been able to use it as much as I would have liked. But I feel that I’ve now identified sufficient aspects of the bag to undertake the review.

So check out my YouTube video to find out what, in my opinion, is Good about the bag, what’s Bad, and dare I say, what’s Ugly!

For clarity, all items shown in the video were purchased by myself.